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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Breaking the Generational Curse
OK world-changers, let's talk about something. I live every single day of my life believing I can make a difference in this world. Why? Because I am weak, and that means God can be strong through me, not me alone. And God is bigger than all the crap in this world, and so I believe I can do big things for Him.
That being said, why do so many people give in to the lie that they'll never be good enough, or they'll never succeed in life, or that they can't change the world one day at a time? My friends, stop believing the lies!! It won't be easy, but until you are ready to give your heart to God and let Him mold it into what He wants it to be, you won't be able to stop believing the lies.
For instance, in my family runs a generational curse of telling the children they are loved only when they perform well, or are the best in their class, or break a new record in some sport. The intense pressure can be the cause of high anxiety and depression. Being forced to grow up quickly, only feeling loved when being all things to all people....it's a dangerous place to be. And for years, the lies told me that I wouldn't be enough unless I could make them happy. And that I would never be able to overcome this.
The only way I have been able to work through that stuff, separate my parents' love for me from the successes I gain, is through letting God break my heart and re-build it. Not sure if I can make that make sense in a blog, but I just want to encourage my fellow Jesus-followers that it is possible to break whatever generational curse is in your family. But not without God. Only through Him are these things possible.
I look forward to having kids and being accountable to God that I do not continue on this generational cycle. I will tell them each day that I love them, even when they grow up and find hearing that 'so uncool'. I will applaud them in their trying, regardless of them winning or losing. I will give them the unconditional love I didn't have the first 22 years of my life, and hope it puts them on a trajectory that is so different from mine. I love my parents, and I love my heavenly Father; and I love not knowing what tomorrow holds and only knowing that it is another chance for God to work in me to change the world I live in.