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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Reflections (from tha A-T-L)

I’m here in Atlanta, I made it safe. My hotel is a decent little walk over to the convention center, but I like that because it’s so beautiful outside that I can’t wait to get so much fresh air these 4 days!!! Does a body good.

I picked a high floor so I can look over the expanse of the city – and as I stand here looking out over Centennial Park a pang of sadness hit me. I was here in 1996 for the Olympics and the memories of the fun and laughter (and Coca-Cola world!) are flooding back. I’m at a place in life where I feel very alone, so those memories of a time when I was not alone are kind of hard to bear.

I’m in the middle of a place that is confusing. Yet if I’m honest, I see the ways God has already prepared me for this and provided for all my needs. A part of me just wishes it was easier, and that these trials would take a little break. And at the same time, I pray for growth and challenge and so I welcome this. I guess I wasn’t prepared and it really caught me off-guard, and maybe I’m still not sure how to feel.

I’m grateful though for all God is given me, and for the blessings he has in store just around the corner. I know they await, and I will cling to those.

May you see God in every single thing today. In the beautiful sunshine or the blustery winds; in the smile of a friend or the frown of the forgotten; in the beauty ang in the pain. He is ever present –hold on to him.